Dr. Mark Svetcos, BSc, DC
& Responsible Life Inc.


Aspire to Inspire
Aspire to Inspire - How to Lead a Purpose-Driven Life - A Presentation by Dr. Mark Svetcos
In this engaging, one-of-a-kind keynote talk, Dr. Mark Svetcos takes his audience on a trip through the human condition, and shows how leadership, increased productivity & happiness are achieved through self-reliance.

Throughout his compelling & highly entertaining stories, Dr. Svetcos shares the secrets that made him a millionaire in four short years, and the character lessons learned along the way.

In this spectacular presentation, audience members will discover:

  - The exact methods Dr. Svetcos used to rescue his brain from the clutches of ego, which has allowed for the liberation of purpose, balance & focused intention;

  - The real truth to becoming Radiantly Healthy, from a doctor's point of view;

  -  How THEIR creativity & leadership is the key to recreating a powerful, new America for our children.

Most importantly, your people will leave this talk driven by a deep sense of purpose. And they will be internally motivated to maximize productivity and efficiency. 

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