Dr. Mark Svetcos, BSc, DC
& Responsible Life Inc.


Dr. Svetcos's Speaking Intro


 "Dr. Mark Svetcos is a professional speaker, mentor and the CEO of Responsible Life, Inc., a company dedicated to inspiring and educating Americans to be self-reliant, productive and purpose-driven.

He has been the owner and director of multiple million-dollar clinics in Colorado and Washington, having personally seen over 85,000 patient visits.

Most recently, Dr. Svetcos has founded The Responsibility Movement
® , and authored the New York-published self-development book, Compulsion - the juicy true story of a successful doctor who lost everything due to lack of purpose and emotional baggage.

Dr. Svetcos is an expert in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with self-reliance, and personal responsibility.

Having weathered his best attempts at self-sabotage, his new mission is to spearhead a Revolution of Responsibility across America.

Please help me in welcoming...Dr. Mark Svetcos!"

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