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How This Book Will Help You to Liberate Your One True Life

I’m Dr. Mark Svetcos, and I’ve made some bad decisions. In this book, I will tell the story of my compulsion, the dysfunctional life I led, the mistakes I made, and how I was punished for them by losing everything I had. But this book is more than a tell-all confession. I’m not seeking to make a hit with a sensational story. My purpose is to share what I’ve learned to help others end their own compulsive behaviors or poor decision-making, so they may lead positive, fulfilling lives of responsibility. This book is for those who have the power within to change and are willing to do whatever is necessary to make that change possible. I hope my personal story will be a guide and inspiration to help you make that change a reality.

Initially, I perceived my compulsive behaviors as mundane, seemingly inconsequential actions and part of what at the time I considered normal life. I surrounded myself with people who reinforced negative behavior. My daily routine was based solely on accumulation and I lived inside my head when not in the immediate presence of others, all the while playing negative reels of tape in my mind, ad nauseam. My ego had become prolific and unbalanced, and it caused me to act out, often sexually, while unconscious that my behaviors were largely based in chronic fear and anxiety and in reaction to events from my past that had made me unable to define my boundaries. My relationships suffered from my own indifference and my life quickly spiraled into a one-track mode of work and the incessant need for more—more money, more production, more efficiency, more control, more escapism and more women. The more I fed my ego, the more insatiable it became. I soared further and further from my truest ideals, and the anxiety caused by that rift allowed for the introduction and proliferation of compulsive thoughts and subsequent behaviors.

I became a shell of a person as my initially idiosyncratic thoughts evolved into compulsions, and those compulsions became the new me. Within a few short months, my mistakes were uncovered and plastered all over the National media for everyone to see. My privacy was invaded, my name dragged through the mud, my reputation forever soiled. My medical license was revoked, my homes went into foreclosure and were auctioned off, and my ill-perceived financial stability quickly eroded from underneath me. As the events of my downfall unfolded before the public’s eyes, vultures swarmed, attorneys fought, extremists bantered, and angry women stirred the pot. My family and friends were unable to help. I became isolated and exhausted, shrouded in a blanket of shame and guilt. Nothing could save me, except myself.

As I dealt with injustice, unfair practices and judgment by the self-righteous, a power I’d never acknowledged was activated within me. I made the commanding decision to live my life differently, from the inside out. It was time for me to step up to the plate and accept full responsibility for every single thing in my life. Finally, I came to understand that I truly have the power within myself to create and maintain the life of my dreams. And because I actively chose to deal head-on with all the tumult that surrounded me, I was rewarded with the ability to make conscious, purpose-driven choices that inherently gave me the strength to live through the greatest of all personal injustices, lack of self-responsibility.

The lessons I learned are not mine alone. I believe my journey resembles the lives of many people caught in vicious cycles of dysfunction; my story is relevant, directly or indirectly, to everyone. Most of us, at one point or another, walk around in a fog of uncertainty and apathy. Some even make such behavior a daily routine. We make passive decisions and allow life to happen around us instead of creating the life we desire. We allow the government and media to infuse our thoughts with fear and scarcity, seek endless hours of entertainment, gossip about the relationships of movie stars, and allow our children’s minds to melt in front of video games and televisions. We live inside our heads most of every day as we constantly maneuver to avoid the imaginary eight ball that looms just out of sight. We’re poisoned with drugs, addicted to emotions, while offered few practical action steps by which to change our lives.

Within these pages, you will find not just a riveting story, but a proactive and real-life approach to creating the life you’ve been afraid to live. By example, I will teach you how to eliminate destructive thoughts before you allow them to control and ruin your life. By the time you’ve finished reading this book, you won’t even be able to think within the negative feedback loops that riddled your past. You will be different. You will have proactively changed your life for the better.

Throughout this book, specific action steps will help you to become more conscious about everything you do. You will be more productive, more efficient, and you will challenge your emotions. Balance, focus, and a clearer mind will become your norm, rather than the exception. You will learn easy ways to eliminate life-stifling fear and worry, as well as techniques to uncover your passions and become healthier physically, mentally and spiritually.

My story will serve as an example of how change is possible. Parts of my story will resonate with you while other parts may not. Use what you find valuable as I demonstrate how I systematically re-organized my life by using the myriad information and practices I’d learned as a medical practitioner, business coach, counselor, and friend. I replaced what had formerly filled the gaps in my life—compulsive thoughts and overindulgent destructive behaviors—with focused meditation, gentle exercise, good nutrition and active thought creation. I began to smile more with each passing day and to allow good people into my life. Connecting with others became easier as I became stronger from within. My relationships became much more loving and held more meaning. The needless banter that had once consumed my existence was replaced by stimulating conversation. All these lessons culminated into a program I created called The Responsibility Movement (TM), with The Seven Pillars of Responsibility(TM) and the WholeLife Evolution System (TM) at its core.

Self-responsibility, and how I became responsible, is at the center of this book. Responsibility is the common thread that binds all of us as humans. It supersedes all other individualistic and humanistic beliefs. Morals are passive and oftentimes relative to a given situation, but responsibility is the lowest common denominator. It’s the closest representation of your connection with the infinite. If you are still blaming others for your place in life, you still haven’t entered fully into the game of life. You’ve relinquished all responsibility, not understanding that everything that happens in your life is all your own doing, whether directly or indirectly. For one reason or another, you have relinquished your own independence of thought, and subsequently, your responsibility to self and to those around you.

The lack of self-responsibility is one of the major ingredients in America’s current social recipe for disaster. In order to create a productive America, we must, as rational, proactive beings, be in a position to experience a self-created abundance. We mustn’t get stuck in positions we don’t like, either at work or at home. We must prepare ourselves to live responsibly and with integrity, not allowing the propagation of escapism and fear that hovers over so many of us. Uncover and follow your passion so you’re not caught recreating your same unhappy existence in the future. Balance work and play, work on your relationships and practice living a purpose-driven life.

There’s only one way to change the world, and that is to change ourselves. We must practice living consciously and with integrity with primary focus on the self. This process inherently improves the world around us. This book will teach you how to bridge the gap between your ideals and your every day existence. It will help you to uncover the essence of you, that part of you needed as a contribution to this world. It is time to come back into balance, to live in abundance with responsibility, and to heal your relationships. That healing process starts with you.

As you read the following pages, I implore you not to judge, but to use my story to catalyze the healing in your own life. I challenge you to take the opportunity to step back and deeply inspect your own situation and how the Points of Responsibility in this book might help you actively to evolve. By being introspective, you will come out on the other side a leader, an innovator and the creator of your one true life. Accept mediocrity no longer. Become part of The Responsibility Movement®. Be responsible for your behaviors and experience the life you truly desire.

Dr. Mark Svetcos
Glacier, Washington
May 28, 2009



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