Dr. Mark Svetcos, BSc, DC
& Responsible Life Inc.


Speaker Requirements

To ensure that Dr. Svetcos's talk meets your expectations and brings high value to your audience, please review the requests below and let us know if there are any challenges.


- Wireless lavaliere (tie clip) microphone with fresh batteries. (A backup microphone is also recommended.)

- A second microphone for the indroducer (hand-held or stationary.)


- If possible, set the room up theater or classroom style. Position the first row five feet from the stage. The next best option is a "U"-shaped arrangement, and the third best is round tables.

- Stage size and height should be appropriate for the room size. A 2 foot riser is recommended for audiences of 50 or more.

- A lecturn or podium with space for an open 8.5 x 11 notebook.

- 2 bottles of water.

- 2 flip charts with easels on stage.

- 1 small table on stage for speaker's necessities.

- 1 table for supplies to be located either to the side or back of the room.
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